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Best Ozone Therapy Machine for Home Use

Whether you’re a medical practitioner or a home user, the equipment that you use for ozone therapy equipment will vary depending on your needs. There are a variety of accessories that can be used for different applications.

However, all of the parties require some essentials, such as:

  • Ozone oxygen therapy machine
  • Oxygen tank
  • Oxygen tank regulator
  • Accessories for Ozone Therapy (ex. ozone water bubbler for making ozone water)
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    Medical Ozone Generators

    Ozone therapy generators are used for different purposes, some of them are used for air purification, some are used for making ozone water, and the one in which we are interested are made for medical purposes. The medical grade generators always use 99% of pure oxygen to make ozone.

    Also, not every ozone generator is good for ozone therapy. Even some of the companies cut corners and sell them inexpensive “medical” ozone devices but they are not even able to pass medical testing. Medical Ozone Machines should have these following standards:

    • 100% pure ozone gas output – There should be no breakdown of materials from the oxidation of ozone gas. To check if it’s fine or not, remember that cheap companies will cut this corner.
    • Accurate dosages – Whenever we use these machines, some machines become wildly inaccurate overtime while testing and can produce concentrations up to double of what they should.
    • Ease of UseMedical ozone generators should be simple to operate. These machines are simple and easy to use and also, they save time and frustration.
    • Price/Value – There is one company in particular that is drastically overpriced. Make sure you are getting a good price for your machine ($650 – $1,050 for home users).

    Oxygen Tanks

    While using an ozone generator, an oxygen tank is must needed to operate a medical ozone generator. Whenever, you have to buy a medical ozone generator, buying an oxygen tank is also necessary. Most home users get the 540 industrial oxygen, which is rated for the same purity as medical oxygen but doesn’t require a prescription. This tank can be bought at a local “Airgas” or “Praxair”.

    Oxygen Tank Regulators

    This is a simple section. Because regulators are specifically designed for ozone generators, they will be included in your ozone therapy kit. If you order 540 commercial oxygen tanks, you will also receive 540 regulators. Furthermore, the regulator is unaffected by the size of the oxygen tank.

    Ozone Therapy Accessories

    There are some of the basic ozone therapy accessories, that you need to include while buying an ozone therapy machines. Those accessories are:

    • Ozone therapy catheters
    • Ozone therapy rectal insufflation bags
    • Ozone stethoscope for ozone ear insufflation
    • Ozone Water Bubbler System for making ozone water
    • Vaginal Ozone Insufflation Kit for vaginal ozone therapy
    • Ozone oil bubbler system for making ozone oil and breathing ozonides

    Ozone Treatment Machines

    There are different types of ozone treatment machines that you can buy. We have made a list of those machines which we are presenting here for you. Dropped down are names of some of those machines:

    3.0 Complete Kit

    This kit includes:

    • Stratus 3.0 Ozone Generator
    • Your choice of oxygen tank regulator (select above)
    • Ozone destruct
    • Ozone Water Bubbler System
    • 6ft Silicone Tubing
    • Ozone Stethoscope
    • Catheters (x10)
    • 3-Chambered Ozone Bags (x2)
    • 60cc Syringe (x2)

    3.0 Gold Kit

    This kit includes:

    • Stratus 3.0 Ozone Generator
    • Ozone Water Bubbler System, Includes destruct but not a 3-way valve
    • Ozone Ear Insufflation Stethoscope
    • 2 3-Chambered Ozone Insufflation Bag
    • Limb bag
    • 2 60cc Syringes
    • 10 Pack of Catheters
    • Your choice of Ozone+ Oxygen Tank Regulator
    • Oil bubbler system
    • 3-inch cup
    • Nasal Cannula

    3.0 Prep Kit

    This kit includes:

    • Stratus 3.0 Ozone Generator
    • Your choice of Ozone+ Oxygen Tank Regulator
    • Ozone destruct
    • Ozone Water Bubbler System
    • 6ft Silicone Tubing
    • Power Cord (worldwide compatible)
    • Oil Bubbler
    • Cannula
    • Ozone Stethoscope
    • Catheters (x10)
    • 3-Chambered Ozone Bags (x2)
    • 60cc Syringe (x2)

    3.0 Home User Kit

    This kit includes:

    • Stratus 3.0 Ozone Generator
    • 1 3-Chambered Ozone Insufflation Bag
    • 1 200mL Ozone Insufflation Bag
    • 10 Pack of Catheters
    • 2 60cc Syringes
    • Your choice of Ozone+ Oxygen Tank Regulator

    Above mentioned machines are used for ozone therapy, and 3.0 Home user kit can be used at your home. We are now going to discuss about how to use and what are the specifications of this machine.


    • Ozone resistant materials for 100% pure ozone
    • Cold Corona Discharge for a long lifetime
    • Built-in ozone destruct for ozone water, excess ozone, and more
    • CE Approved for reliability
    • Full range of ozone concentrations for any home application


    • Cold Corona Discharge
    • Luer lock attachments for ease of attaching accessories
    • Internal Components – Quartz Glass, Medical Grade Titanium, and Silicone
    • CE Approved for quality and safety assurance
    • Lifetime: 10,000 hours
    • Output: 10 ug/mL – 85 ug/mL (varies slightly)
    • 7” (L) x 3.5” (W) x 3.5” (H)
    • 110/220V – worldwide compatible


    Is it safe to use Ozone Therapy at Home?

    Some of the resources have mentioned that using Ozone therapy at home is safe, but some of them say that there is not enough evidence that proves that using ozone therapy at home is safe enough.

    It is used as disinfectant, the FDA state that “[i]n order for ozone to be effective as a germicide, it must be present in a concentration far greater than that which can be safely tolerated by man and animals.” Ozone therapy has had adverse effects in the past, some of which were severe.


    Ozone is basically a gas, and to use it as a medicine, some people apply it to their skin, some drink ozonated water, some blow gas into their body and some of them use an ozone sauna where any of their body part is bagged and exposed to ozone gas.

    Because ozone gas irritates the airways, always make sure that you never inhale the gas. In some procedures a practitioner will mix a person’s blood with ozone and reinject it. This is a process known as autohemotherapy. Scientific studies have not proven the safety of this procedure.


    Ozone therapy is an alternative medicine practice that is done while using Ozone gas. It is sometimes controversial due to its effectiveness and safety. Some of the researchers are currently exploring the effects that an ozone therapy has on a human body just to identify any potential therapeutic benefits.

    Ozone gas is somewhere toxic to humans and there has been some researches into the safety of ozone therapy. Due to this reason ozone therapy has not properly been approved by official organizations. If you still want to get ozone therapy done, you should first consult your doctor.

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