Fatigue: Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment with Ozone Therapy

We all complain about fatigue when we are tired. However, fatigue can be a much more serious condition. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a long-term and serious illness which can affect several body systems. People suffering from CFS are unable to perform the usual activities. In some cases, the patient might also get bedridden. CFS leads to severe fatigue as well as sleep issues.

In fact, CFS can worsen if people with illness push themselves to work more, and this is known as post-exertional malaise or PEM. As per reports, many people remain undiagnosed as they fail to identify the symptoms.

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    Symptoms of Fatigue

    There are many fatigue symptoms which are also known as core symptoms. There are three basic symptoms of fatigue that can help with diagnosis.

    • Significantly decreased ability to perform routine activities, which were a cakewalk before the CFS illness. The drop in your activity level is the result of fatigue. This fatigue lasts for a long time, at least six months. The CFS fatigue is different from the usual feeling of tiredness. The fatigue caused by CFS is severe and not relieved by sleep and rest. It is not caused by difficult activity and is never a problem before you fell ill.
    • Worsening of the CFS after performing moderate physical/mental activity, which was not a problem before the illness. People suffering from chronic fatigue symptoms describe the feeling as collapse, relapse, or crash.
    • There are many other symptoms of CFS, such as difficulty in thinking, sore throat, sleeping issues, severe tiredness, and dizziness. It might take days, weeks, or longer to recover from the crash. Patients might remain homebound or bedridden during such phases. Patients are not able to predict what will cause the crash and for how long it will last!
    • Attending PTM or shopping for groceries may lead to a physical crash. Something as simple as taking a shower can leave the patient bedbound.
    • People suffering from CFS might feel tired even after taking a full night of sleep. They may also face issues in falling asleep and staying asleep.
    • Some people experience trouble thinking fast, paying attention, and remembering things. It can be described as brain fog as they are not able to think clearly.
    • Symptoms get worst while sitting or standing straight. Feeling of lightheadedness, weak, and dizziness while standing.

    Some other symptoms of CFS are as follows:

    • Pain in muscle
    • Joint pain without redness and swelling
    • Irregular heartbeat
    • Sore throat
    • Chills and sweat at night
    • Muscle weakness
    • Shortness of breath

    What Causes Fatigue?

    The exact fatigue causes of chronic fatigue syndrome are unknown. Doctors say that some people might be born with being vulnerable to the disease, which gets triggered by external factors such as:

    • Immune system issues

    People suffering from chronic fatigue have impaired immune systems. However, it is still not clear if the impairment is enough to cause the illness.

    • Viral infections

    Some people witness symptoms of CFS after viral infection. Researchers wonder if the viruses trigger the illness. Though there has been no significant proof, the suspicious viruses are Human Herpes Virus 6 and Epstein-Barr virus.

    • Physical or emotional trauma

    Some people share that their symptoms started showing after an injury, post-surgery, or after emotional trauma.

    • Hormonal imbalance

    People with CFS have hormonal imbalance in their reports, but the connection between the two is yet to be known.

    It is to be known that CFS can happen at any age, but it affects middle-aged and young adults more. Also, there have been more instances of women being diagnosed with CFS than men.

    The probable complications associated with CFS have increased absenteeism at work, social isolation, lifestyle restrictions, and depression.

    Treatment For Fatigue

    There is no specific chronic fatigue syndrome treatment or cure, but the symptoms can be managed. Treating the symptoms might offer relief to some patients suffering from CFS. Some strategies such as managing physical activity can also prove to be helpful.

    Ozone Therapy for Treating Fatigue

    Ozone has been used for treating various conditions for decades; however, it has been used more and more for treatment in recent years. There are different ways of administering ozone into the body, which depend on the condition to be treated.

    Ozone therapy for chronic fatigue is found to be effective in treating CFS as it activates many metabolic pathways that have gone astray. A study was conducted on 65 patients suffering from CFS. Out of that, 52 patients showed significant improvement in the symptoms, and there were no side effects of the ozone therapy.

    It has been observed that conventional medical care is not sufficient and also has some side effects. Ozone therapy is as such known for promoting the feeling of overall well-being. It restores hormonal as well as neurotransmitter functions. It can be said that fatigue treatment with ozone therapy can offer positive results.

    Though more studies are needed to observe the long-term effect of ozone therapy, it is still a preferred treatment as ozone is a natural gas and it has no side effects. Hence, patients with CFS can safely consider ozone therapy for treating their symptoms. It is particularly more helpful for patients who have not found relief or sufficient results from the conventional treatment options.

    Ozone Therapy at Home

    If you are wondering that ozone therapy would be a handful of tasks, it is to be known that ozone therapy can be performed at home as well with the help of ozone therapy kits. You need not move out and look for a healthcare provider. Special therapy kits and an ozone therapy generator can help perform the therapy in the convenience and privacy of the home.

    If you are suffering from CFS, ozone therapy treatment can effectively manage the symptoms and offer some relief.


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