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How Ozone Treatment Helps In Skin Problems

Medical science constantly works via research and development to come up with technologies that not only allow treating the diseases effectively but also help in their prevention. One such effective and alternative mode of treatment is ozone therapy. It has a wide utility in surgery, urology, cosmetology, and other medical uses. Ozone therapy works via oxygenation, improvement in circulation, and supplying energy to cells. The ozone treatment for skin has also become quite popular.

Several cosmetic issues such as acne, rosacea, wrinkles, allergy, cellulitis, fatness, and more can be treated with ozone therapy. These conditions reflect the internal state of a patient, and hence they require treatment not only from the outside but also from the inside. It can be accomplished successfully with the help of ozone as it produces antimicrobial, detoxification, and antiviral effect along with improving the immunity of the organism.

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    What Are The Ozone Therapy Benefits For Skin?

    The ozone therapy for skin acts as an agent which preserves and restores the natural beauty of your skin and makes it healthy from the inside. Unlike several methods, ozone doesn’t just mask or hide skin defects but also normalizes its natural functions. It plays a role in skin rejuvenation.

    Aging at the epidermis level occurs due to exhaustion of the epidermis, decreasing elasticity, cell division, and formation of wrinkles. On the other hand, aging at the dermis level happens because of changes in the structure of elastic fibres and collagen.

    You can prevent skin aging and restore skin structure with the help of ozone therapy. The treatment of skin issues and wrinkles can be done via local ozone therapy i.e., with the help of ozone injections. It can also be done in the form of ozonized olive oil for massages and face packs. It can also be done via systemic route i.e., IV infusions of ozone solutions. The choice of treatment is an individual’s choice. But for skin application of ozonated oils is the best option. You can buy organic olive ozonated oils at Simply O3.

    Ozone therapy for skin stops oxidative stress and activates the antioxidant defence system, along with destroying the negative effects of free radicals. It also stimulates protein synthesis along with the production of collagen and elastin. It boosts the skin’s ability to restore water and leads to the disappearance of the crow’s foot and deep wrinkles.

    What makes ozone therapy different from other methods is the dual action that works from both inside and outside, which leads to oxygenation, restoration, protection, and moistening of the skin that too, not just temporarily.

    Can Ozone Treatment Machine For Skin Be Used At Home?

    There are different types of ozone therapy machines and tools which can be chosen based on the type and area of treatment. You can find ozone machines for the home in the market with a manual that helps in using it from the convenience of your home.

    However, if the ozone facial treatment is being performed via injection, it is advisable to get it done by an expert for safety reasons.

    Ozone therapy for skin can be considered a revolutionary approach to rejuvenation of the skin. It enables the skin to restore moisture and improve its structure. It has been observed that people with skin stress can especially benefit from ozone therapy.

    Ozone is found to be extremely effective for fighting skin issues such as viruses, acne, pimples, and more. It is also helpful in erasing scars from the skin.

    There are other methods as well for ozone skin treatment, such as using ozonated water, blowing ozone gas into the body, using an ozone sauna, etc. Irrespective of the type of treatment you choose, it is definitely going to benefit your skin in several ways. If you have any type of skin woes, it can be very well resolved with the help of ozone skin therapy.

    Ozone Therapy For Acne

    The ozone therapy for face can help in treating acne diseases. The treatment is used in the form of local ozone injections. The injections are given to the inflammatory sites. In some cases, focal sanitation is performed, followed by ozone therapy. The number of injections needed is based on the size of the acne. Up to 5 ml of ozone-oxygen gas is injected into the acne.

    The treatment course includes at least 5-6 procedure sessions that are conducted at an interval of 5 days. The patients begin to show improvement after the first procedure session itself. This can be observed in the form of a decrease in painfulness, swelling, exudation, etc. The ozone therapy reduces the treatment time significantly as compared to conventional methods of treating acne.

    You can also use ozone oils to treat acne at home but it will take longer than the ozone injections.

    No side effects or complications have been observed.

    Benefits of Ozone for Scar Treatment

    People who undergo cosmetic treatments such as deep chemical cleaning, mechanical skin grinding, laser, injection contour plasty, and more, patients experience one common issue- hypertrophic scars. These scars can be treated with the help of ozone injections when administered around the scar. This leads to the disappearance of skin constriction sensation along with softening and paling of the scars. As a result, the surface of the skin becomes even and smooth and restores the tissue elasticity.

    It is to be known that ozone therapy can help in resolving several issues that are during dermacosmetologist practices. Ozone therapy in the form of injections can help in solving cosmetic problems and improves the general feeling and well-being of patients.


    Ozone therapy is one of the effective treatments for treating several issues. It is an alternative approach to conventional methods of treatment which is proven to show great results and healing. The above-mentioned information shows that O3 treatment for skin can prove to be really beneficial. It can help in treating various skin conditions as well as healing the skin post-cosmetic treatments.

    Though ozone treatment is usually performed by specialists, there are special machines that can help in performing ozone therapies at home for various health conditions and diseases. This makes benefitting from ozone therapy even easier.

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