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How To Use Ozone Therapy Generator At Home

Ozone therapy has become one of the most effective alternative forms of treatment for addressing various health conditions. It has been observed that people who don’t find results with conventional forms of treatments and medications can benefit from ozone therapy.

While earlier ozone therapy was performed only by doctors in the professional set-up, now it can be performed at home as well. The ozone therapy is performed with the help of medical ozone generator. The ozone generator remains common irrespective of the type of therapy and the area treated with ozone.

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    What Is Ozone Machine, And How Does It Work?

    A medical ozone generator is usually a portable machine. Equipment and accessories are required for the ozone therapy, namely: an oxygen tank, medical ozone generator, and ozone accessories depending on the therapy. Oxygen tanks are better compared to oxygen concentrators, and they offer a higher level of purity.

    The medical ozone generators are different than commercial ozone generators, which are commonly used for the purification of air and water. Medical ozone generators make use of ozone-resistant materials as they don’t break down. Choose the right medical ozone generator that is safe, effective, and easy to use.

    The ozone therapy kits are available easily in the market. They have everything required for getting started with ozone generator for rectal insufflations, vaginal insufflations, dental usage, and more. You would just need added accessories for different therapies.

    Which Treatments can be done at Home With Medical Ozone Generators?

    The most common ozone therapies that can be done at home are vaginal insufflations, dental care, rectal insufflations, ear insufflations, and more. You can read the supporting documents and collect more information before you begin the therapy at home.

    Ozone therapy oxygenates the blood and offers various health benefits and wellness. It is to be known that some ozone treatments are local while others are systemic. The difference is that the former treats locally while the latter treats the whole body.

    Some examples of the systemic treatment are as follows:

    • Bio-hacking
    • Cancer
    • Gut disease
    • Autoimmune disease
    • Anti-aging and longevity
    • Athletic mold toxicity
    • Lyme

    In short, ozone therapy stimulates your body for self-regulation. Most medicines cause a reaction in the body, while ozone therapy helps repair the body and heal its functions. Ozone therapy can stimulate the exact same pathways, just as intermittent fasting and workout do.

    Local treatments are beneficial for specific regions such as the vagina, diabetic foot, etc. The local ozone therapy helps eradicate infections as well as reduce the healing time. The local ozone treatment is used for:

    • Oral infections and cavities
    • Infections
    • Ulcers
    • Non-healing wounds

    How to do Rectal Insufflation using medical ozone generator?

    The rectal insufflations have ample benefits for your overall body and wellness as it comes under systematic ozone treatment. It decreases the toxins present in your body and your gut. It also helps in giving a boost to your immunity system and response. It can restore your gut health and make it function optimally. It also helps in decreasing chronic inflammation in the body.

    One of the best companies that provides medical ozone therapy equipments is SImplyO3, they also have amazing customer support to answer all your questions. You can buy their rectal ozone therapy kit. This kit allows you to do multiple ozone therapies like ozonated water, ear insufflation, limb bagging and and many more. You will only require oxygen tank from your local industrial or medical oxygen provide like Pixair. For medical oxygen you may require the prescription from the medical practitioner or doctor.

    Irrespective of the therapy and area you need to treat, it is essential that you follow the required precautions when performing ozone therapy at home. It can be quite convenient to perform the therapy at home without having to visit the doctor repeatedly. Collect as much information as possible and follow the kit’s instructions for the best results.

    Precautions To Taken When Using Ozone Generator For Ozone Therapy

    Ozone therapy takes around 10-15 minutes and can be performed 2-3 times a week, depending on the results you want. For bio-hacking, 2-3 times a week is sufficient, while for chronic diseases, 5 times a week is recommended. The purpose of ozone therapy is oxygenation of a specific body part to address any disease and improve general wellness.

    The ozone generator for medical use should be used by taking the precautions, which are as follows:

    • Never breathe ozone

    The ozone gas should never be breathed as it can irritate your lung tissues. Lungs don’t have any antioxidant system for preventing ozone from damaging the lungs. As other parts of the body have an antioxidant system in place, the gas won’t affect the body or cause any damage. It is safe to be used only on areas that are medically approved, such as the vagina, rectum, cancer treatment, dental usage, etc.

    It is recommended to wear a mask while performing the ozone therapy for safety reasons or sitting in a well-ventilated room. Inhaling a larger amount of ozone can lead to some discomfort as well as coughing. The symptoms will go away in some time, but you can make the recovery process quick with Vitamin C.

    • Use a lower dose in the beginning

    Safety dosing is crucial when taking ozone therapy at home. ‘More is better’ can’t be true with ozone therapy. It is safe to begin with a lower dose during initial sessions. After some time, you can increase the dose, and this will help in adjusting your body to increased therapeutic levels.

    It is to be known that taking too much ozone can lead to reactions and irritation. When a virus, bacteria, or fungi die inside your body, they will release compounds that are toxic to the body. Your body needs to eliminate them. Due to this, you might have Herxheimer reaction, i.e., fatigue, flu, headaches, nausea, etc. which are same type of effects after you feel after the exercise. But usually go after sometime.

    Therefore, begin slowly with the ozone therapy. You should always keep it safe and follow the instructions about dosing, which will come with your equipment.

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