What ozone accessories do you need for Ozone Ear Insufflation

Ozone is a molecule composed of three atoms of oxygen, which when pumped through the body, heals it in many different ways thus providing thriving health and vitality. There are various applications of ozone in the medical industry which help patients find a safer cure for many health conditions which are otherwise very tedious to treat under conventional treatment.

Various procedures are used to treat different kinds of ailments using ozone. One such method is insufflation where ozone is pumped through one of the body‍ openings viz ear, anus, vagina etc. When ozone is puffed into the ear for treating various infections and health conditions it is known as ear insufflation.

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    Ozone Ear Insufflation

    Ozone is entered through the ear canal slowly via a modified stethoscope under ear insufflation. The waxy substance produced in the ear canal allows lipophilic ozone to enter the whole brain and sinus area. Some patients experience immediate relief in mood fluctuations and brain fog.

    Ozone ear insufflation helps treat ear infections, sinus infections, throat infections, fungus, mould toxicity, sore throat, swollen gland etc.

    Ozone ear insufflation is a procedure that is done right from the comfort of home using ozone therapy home machines. All the equipment is easily available and can be purchased online with shipping at the door. Just a bit of prior advice is to consult your health practitioner before using this therapy to avoid any undesired results.

    Ozone therapy of ear insufflation is known to be a drug-free solution to ailments like headaches, migraine, sinus infections, allergies etc. The procedure of ear insufflation is simple, fast, effective and easy to repeat. Major benefits of this therapy are:

    • Drug free treatment
    • Non-invasive
    • Provides faster relief
    • Shorter and less cumbersome procedure

    This therapy can save one from the side effects of over the counter medications usually used for headaches and migraines. The good news is now we have ozone ear insufflation machines and equipment readily available with the help of which one can undergo therapy even in the comfort of home.

    Ozone Therapy Ear Insufflation

    This therapy is administered by blowing prescribed amounts of ozone air into the ear canal which is targeted and controlled. The procedure helps stimulate pressure-activated nerve receptors found only in the ear in the body. This pressure when made on the trigger points helps shift the pain centres in the brain, thus providing relief from headaches, migraines, sinus issues etc.

    Ozone ear insufflation therapy is beneficial in more than one way:

    • Inactivates pathogens
    • Decreases inflammation
    • Improves circulation and oxygen efficiency
    • Stimulates growth factors in the ear required for healing and repair
    • Decreases brain fog and positively stimulates the brain

    Ozone helps tp clear the sinuses, related infections and issues. Ozone has also got the power to reach deep inside the brain by creating a chain reaction which further enhances the oxygen supply and better circulation and thus alleviates the mood.

    There are some contraindications where health experts avoid ozone ear insufflation :

    • Pregnancy
    • Ozone sensitivity/Allergy
    • Punctured eardrum

    There are no major negative side effects of this therapy. Some minor complaints that patients may have are irritation and inflammation for a while, pain, itching, tinnitus, scabbing, swelling etc. These symptoms may occur due to too much ozone use or unawareness of allergies. These symptoms usually go on their own once the ozone application is discontinued. Ozone is very dry and causes further dryness in the ears. To combat this a humidifier is used in the therapy.

    Ozone Therapy Machine

    Ozone ear insufflation can be done at home as advised by the health practitioner. It is a very simple procedure to set up the equipment for the same. The main equipment required are as follows:

    • Oxygen source
    • Oxygen tank regulator
    • Ozone generator
    • Trap
    • Earscope
    • Mask

    To perform ear insufflation, above mentioned parts are required: an oxygen source, a regulator, an oxygen concentrator, an ozone generator, a trap and an earscope.

    Oxygen source

    An oxygen tank or a concentrator that may produce oxygen of 90% purity can be used. It is important to ensure that a flow regulator is attached to the tank/concentrator. The flow of oxygen is usually set to a low level like ⅛ LPM or below particularly during ear insufflation to reduce the risk of blowing the eardrum.

    Ozone generator

    An oxygen fed generator capable of producing ozone concentrations at the above-mentioned flows in the 5 to 50 mcg/ml range is required. To check for technical specifications on generators pls click the official website.


    Trap helps to muzzle the sound produced by ozone generators. If the generator is quiet, then one may not require a trap at all.

    A trap is attached to collect backflowing water and to protect the ozone generator. Special attention should be given while connecting it with other equipment.


    This device helps transport ozone gas into the ears. These are sometimes a form of modified stethoscopes where instead of transporting sound, they transport gas. There are some devices though which are designed specifically for this procedure.


    Mask is recommended to be worn to protect the patient from inhaling any ozone which may be escaping into the surroundings during the ear insufflation procedure. This mask helps filter out ozone thus saving the lungs of the patient.

    The earscope as shown above helps carry ozone to the ear canal for the procedure of ear insufflation. Below is the mask used for protecting oneself from breathing any escaping ozone.

    The above set-up displays an alternate set-up using a humidifier.

    Procedure to perform ear insufflation :

    • To start with, the oxygen source is connected with the ozone generator, check for power supply if required.
    • Connect the trap with an ozone generator and earscope, make sure to connect the right ports.
    • Open the oxygen supply, set it at ⅛ LPM
    • After turning on an ozone generator, choose an ozone concentration setting between 5 and 50 mcg/ml.
    • Wear the earscope over your ears and let the ozone do its miracle while you relax.

    This is usually recommended to repeat thrice a week for 1 to 3 minutes for several weeks to 3 months. Keep a close watch on any symptoms of itching, scabbing, liquid discharge or pain and gradually increase until you reach 20 min and concentrations of around 50 mcg/ml.

    We can help you get this set up for at-home therapy if you are looking for a quicker and more affordable option. Contact us to learn more at the official website.

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