Ozone Injection Therapy

Ozone Injection Therapy

It is common for our muscles and joints to experience pain due to stiffness, injuries, poor posture, chronic tension, etc. Irrespective of the reason, the end result is discomfort and pain. Science is always looking for newer treatments to improve muscle health and eliminate pain. It is found that ozone injection therapy is one of the best treatments for any type of pain.

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    Managing Pain with Ozone Injections

    Ozone injections are a combination of ozone and oxygen. Though oxygen is healthy on its own, ozone is a powerful and active ingredient. For decades, ozone has been used effectively as a medical treatment. There are many clinical research papers as well as patient testimonials that vouch for the effectiveness of ozone injections in the treatment of various medical conditions, including pain.

    Some major benefits of ozone injections are:

    • Increase NAD + levels
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Stimulate cells to proliferate
    • Increase blood flow
    • Signal your body’s stem cells to mobilize the treated area

    The ozone injections for pain reverse as well as heal even long-term muscle damage. There are other methods also for treating pain where trigger points are injected with medication for releasing tension. But other methods offer only temporary relief, not long-term healing.

    Ozone therapy is growing in the medical fraternity as more and more medical professionals use ozone for its therapeutic benefits in treating different diseases associated with inflammation, chronic oxidative stress, and chronic pain. In fact, the use of medical ozone dates back almost a century ago.

    How Does Ozone Injection Therapy Work?

    The ozone injections for knee pain and other joints have been clinically proven to reduce inflammation and pain. The injection introduces a mixture of oxygen and ozone into the problem area directly. The treatment is minimally invasive and offers anti-inflammatory and regenerative advantages of the medical ozone in the inflamed tissues.

    Ozone can not only offer pain relief but also begin the regeneration of the tissues. It can even benefit patients with severe damage in joints via activating their own stem cells. This offers the ability to repair as well as rebuild the damaged cells. Ozone activates the natural antioxidant system, which controls free radical invasion, which is the main cause of cell damage. Ozone injections not only increase circulation but also encourage the synthesis of cartilage and collagen. Ozone addresses the key issues responsible for all diseases and conditions.

    The ozone injections for back pain and other conditions such as knee pain, joint pains, arthritis pain, and knee pain can be considered an effective alternative to conventional medicines and injections.

    Effectiveness of Ozone Therapy

    • For Shoulder Pain

    The ozone injections for shoulder pain have proven to be effective drastically. Shoulder pain can be reduced along with increasing the range of motion with ozone therapy. In fact, there are anti-inflammatory benefits of the therapy in patients with shoulder adhesive capsulitis.

    • For Hip Bursitis

    Ozone therapy can be used for reducing hip pain caused by functional overload as well as trochanteric bursitis and pain caused by coxarthrosis. It can also help in treating pain due to hip tendonitis. The ozone therapy can work well in conjunction with other exercises and a certain period of rehabilitation.

    • For Herniated Disc

    The use of ozone injection into the disc can be beneficial as it dehydrates the disc and reduces the amount of bulge pressing on the nerves. Ozone has analgesic as well as anti-inflammatory effects while treating disc herniation.

    A study claims that patients who can benefit the most from ozone therapy are ones with back pain. The ozone injections for back pain can treat patients that have tried other methods of treating pain but gained no benefit.

    Prolozone Injections

    The prolozone injections utilize ozone gas along with other therapeutic ingredients for stimulating the healing as well as reducing the pain in joints or injured soft tissues. The technique consists of injecting combinations of anti-inflammatory medicines, minerals, vitamins, procaine, and proliferative along with ozone-oxygen gas into the injured and degenerated joints as well as areas of pain. The outcome is remarkable as the damaged tissues can be regenerated, and the pain that is challenging to treat can be cured easily.

    Benefits of Ozone Injections

    The injections of ozone, when administered into soft tissues like tendons, ligaments, and muscles or arthritic joint pain to offer relief from the joint pain, shows significant success. The ozone has been used for treatment across the globe for ages.

    There have been cases that report the analgesic effect of ozone in treating osteoarthritis. There have been studies that show the therapeutic benefits of ozone in treating lower back pain. Being a powerful oxidizing agent, the ozone gas is found to have anti-inflammatory effects based on the concentration that is used. There are many people who have derived benefits from ozone injections.

    The effect of ozone injections can last for 3-6 months, and after that, the efficacy of ozone decreases. Thus, it can be observed that injecting ozone gas into problem areas reduces pain as well as improves functioning and quality of life in people suffering from pain.

    Pain and stiffness in various parts of the body can affect your lifestyle and quality of life. If you have tried other treatments but found no success, it is better to give ozone therapy a try. Considering the above-mentioned research, studies, and testimonies of patients, it can be considered that ozone therapy is safe and effective for medical use. A person in pain tries various treatments and finding no relief from them can be disappointing.

    Consult a medical professional and get more information about ozone injections treatment so that you can proceed ahead with ****the treatment making ****an informed decision.

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