Ozone Therapy Generator for Lyme Disease

How to use Ozone Therapy Generator for Lyme Disease

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    Ozone therapy, to your surprise, has been in existence for a long while. Medical ozone treatment has wonderful effects in treating various ailments and health conditions when used rightly and has been a powerful therapeutic agent to heal the body of many diseases and ageing-related disorders.

    Ozone therapy has been found to have amazing effects for the treatment of Lyme disease and related infections. For ages, it was very tough to treat Lyme disease for various reasons like-

    • Inability to adequately remove all the pathogens to avoid re-infection
    • Failure to remove/reduce inflammation
    • Failure to get rid of toxins from the body completely
    • Failure in meeting underlying cellular oxygen deficiencies

    Ozone therapy stimulates the homeostatic balances in the body thereby helping the body get rid of any neurotoxins and thus stepping towards the treatment of Lyme diseases.

    Lyme bacteria usually affects various organs and systems in the body thus resulting in serious health issues. It may effect the brain and nervous system (Lyme neuroborreliosis) and even the heart (Lyme carditis) at times, often leading to life-threatening situations. Therefore Ozone therapy is vital as it helps protect the brain, nervous system and heart and thus helps regenerate the body holistically.

    An ozone generator is used to generate the ozone gas from pure medical-grade oxygen.Medical grade ozone generators are made from completely ozone resistant materials and components. A medical grade ozone generator generates an optimum concentration of ozone gas (generally not more than 5%), which is later used in the ozone therapy session. The concentration and the time of treatment are individualised by the therapist determined by various factors and requirements of the patient.

    Various oxidative therapies have been found successful in treating the Lyme disease. During ozone therapy, ozone is entered the body and the bloodstream through various methods some of which can be self practiced at home and others require the expertise of a health practitioner.

    Some of the methods used for administering ozone for treating Lyme disease are as follows:

    • Ozone suit or Bagging: In this method, body is placed in a bag filled with ozone and the head remains out. The time interval varies between 10 minutes to two hours as decided by the doctor based on the ailment. This can be done at home using an ozone generator as recommended by the practitioner.
    • Senses and Ozone treatment: Ozone can be administered through all human senses. It can be drunk as ozonated water. Intake of this water orally is an easy and great way to infuse more ozone into the body. More ozone is absorbed through the stomach and intestines which helps fight pathogens in the area. Also, it can be injected as per the choice of the patient after consulting with the doctor.
    • Insufflation: Insufflation involves injecting ozone through the rectum, vagina, ear etc which is easy to perform even at home using an ozone generator. In-ear insufflation, medical-grade oxygen and ozone mixture is applied to the ear canal. Lyme Borrelia bacteria effects the brain and nervous system. Using this form of ozone therapy, we can timely arrest the infection and any further damage. Rectal Ozone insufflation is used effectively for cardiovascular ailments, viral disease or as an immune system stimulant. In this ozone gas is inserted into the rectum in a monitored manner. All this is easily possible at the comfort of your home with the help of ozone generators.
    • Intravenous injection/Minor Autohemotherapy: In this therapy, the patient’s blood is externally mixed with ozone and oxygen gas and then injected back into the body. This acts as an immune system activator and helps the body to identify and destruct Lyme bacteria and other pathogens. For pain in joints, ozone is injected in vertebrae or joints to control inflammation and thus provide relief. This can only be done in a clinic administered by a medical professional.

    Thus, above mentioned ozone treatments helps in improving the health and well being of the body and help regenerate the body and cells.

    Best Ozone generators

    The more options one gets available in the market, the more confusion it creates. There is a lot of gibberish around the technicality of these machines that make it difficult for a layperson to decide the best-suited one for himself.

    Let’s simplify this and help you get a better understanding of the best choice of ozone generator for your needs.

    An ozone generator is a device that produces ozone gas. Ozone being anti-microbial in nature kills microbes and removes unpleasant odours when released into the air.

    Ozone generators are designed for both household and commercial applications like hospitals and warehouses for sterilising air.

    Ozone generators break down oxygen molecules into their component atoms and thereafter single atoms attach themselves to surrounding oxygen molecules thus creating ozone gas (O3).

    Although there are various kinds of generators that work differently.

    There are mainly four kinds of ozone generators :

    • Ultraviolet Radiation
    • Corona discharge
    • Cold plasma
    • Electrolytic

    Ultraviolet Radiation

    These ozone generators work by splitting the oxygen molecules by using UV light. Although these are the least expensive type to buy but it takes them more time and power resulting in the smaller amount of ozone. Therefore they have better efficiency in smaller spaces only.

    Corona Discharge

    Corona discharge works by splitting oxygen molecules using electrical discharge. This generator tends to be more efficient and cost-effective as it does not need to be run for a long interval for sterilization.

    Cold Plasma

    In this generator, oxygen molecules are split by passing the air over cold plasma created by two neon tubes placed adjacently in a sealed chamber.

    The electric current sent by an electrode creates an electric field in the chamber and thus splits the oxygen atoms, which further recombine to form ozone.

    This kind of ozone generator is not commonly used in the household settings as they tend to be more expensive.


    An electrolytic ozone machine splits the molecules into hydrogen, oxygen and ozone. Hydrogen is later removed and oxygen and ozone are put to use. These machines use water as an initiating substrate. They are mostly suitable for commercial settings.

    Various other features that may help one decide a better ozone generator for the required application are ozone output, timer, fan, charcoal filter, fan, ioniser, HEPA filter etc.

    Cold plasma ozone generators are found to be the most popular given their ease of use and effectiveness. The best usually for individual use are the ones that are compact and lightweight and the ones that come with built-in timers, multiple ozone emission levels, multiple fan settings and loner runtimes.

    Ozone generator for ozone therapy

    Ozone therapy stimulates the body helping it self regulate and maintain the homeostatic balance thus aiding in earlier recovery from the existing health condition. It is a non-invasive and simplified form of treatment. Its therapeutic effects are known to be as effective as exercise and intermittent fasting.

    Ozone generators are the basic types of equipment required to impart ozone therapy treatment. There can be aqueous or gaseous kinds of ozone generators. Aqueous generators inject gaseous ozone into water. In this application, due to its high oxidation potential, ozone degrades the pathogens efficiently thus preventing or treating the ailment. Gaseous ozone generators are mostly used as air sterilisers and disinfectants.

    Ozone therapy treatment can be of significant help to any sufferer of Lyme disease and related complications. Please get in touch with us for more information on this at our official website.

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