Ozone Therapy for spinal pain

Spinal Pain – Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatments with Ozone Therapy

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    Ozone therapy is an effective medical alternative which has proved to solve a wide variety of medical health conditions. In order to simply explain its procedure to a layman, it is a scientific method which revolves around a mechanism under which Ozone gas is dispensed into the bloodstream or the injured part of the affected persons. This helps in stimulating and strengthening the immune system which eventually results in a quicker recovery. This therapy is scientifically backed by research which was conducted by the National Institutes of Health back in 2018.

    Unhealthy lifestyle changes are one of the root causes of many postural deformities. Sitting in front of the desktop screen and working throughout the day can cause problems such as spine pain and back pain. Other related causes of spinal pain are muscle or ligament strain, bulging or ruptured discs, arthritis or osteoporosis. Spine pain can also be a result of age related factors, excess body weight, lack of exercise, improper lifting and psychological conditions. In order to get rid of these physical ailments which are associated with the spine, you must try treatment of spine pain by ozone therapy. Specifically talking about Ozone treatment for spine pain, it is a medically proven fact that the infusion of ozone gas into the affected area can provide relief to both acute and chronic spine pain. This blog lists down the benefits associated with ozone treatment for spine pain and also informs the readers about how it can help in relieving spinal pain which originates from a wide set of uncountable problems. Lastly, this blog aims to answer the much sought after question of what are the possible side effects of ozone therapy for spine.

    Benefits of Ozone treatment for spine

    Ozone treatment for the spine can provide relief to medical problems such as spinal disc herniation, spinal stenosis, spinal cord injury and other structural problems which are associated with the spine. Ozone therapy is preferred over and above other medical treatments such as physical therapy, oral medication, local injections and surgery because of a number of factors which are listed further. This scientific backing has been further explained in detail in this blog. Adding to it, this therapy can be easily administered at the desired frequency, it has a high success rate, it has no associated complications and side effects and does not cause any bodily injury or pain as in the case of a surgery. Thus, you can normally get involved in your routine activities after taking the desired frequency of doses based on your health condition. Also, there is a very low possibility of recurrence of pain after getting involved in this therapy. On the other hand, surgeries have a risk and recurrence factor of 15 percent. All these factors have collectively led to the growth and success of ozone therapy. Now let’s list down how ozone therapy can contribute in solving specific medical conditions.

    Spinal pain therapy

    Ozone Therapy For Spinal Stenosis

    Ozone therapy can help in providing relief in spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis is a physical ailment which involves narrowing down the space between the spine. This causes excessive pressure on the nerves. Eventually, this pressure leads to spine pain. The dispersion of ozone gas into the affected area through an intradiscal ozone injection  produces a chemical reaction. This ozone spinal injection reduces the inflammation and pain, and induces degeneration of disc protrusions. A research conducted by the Revista da Associação Médica Brasileira suggested that  ozone therapy provides a significant amount of pain relief to people who suffer from  spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis treatment by way of inducing ozone has also been scientifically proven to be effective when performed within the setting of herniated disks, and failed back surgery syndrome. Thus, it serves multiple benefits when a person suffers from collective spinal malfunction.

    Ozone Therapy For Spinal Cord Injury

    Now let’s put some light on what is spinal cord injury and how ozone therapy can help in the same. Spinal cord injury leads to a damage within the spinal cord or within the nerves which are present at the extreme end of the spinal canal. Such injury can be of the following three types: tetraplegia, paraplegia and triplegia. This injury can hamper the day to day functioning of the affected person by restricting the mobility. Consequently, this can lead to a reduced productivity. In this case, ozone therapy comes to the rescue. The dispersion of ozone gas through an injection of ozone inside the affected inter vertebral disc leads to acceleration of the healing process, increases vascularity, and reduces neuronal damage. Under this treatment, ozone gas is injected through a 22G needle under the fluoroscopic guidance. The injection contains a mixture of 4 ml of ozone, and oxygen at a concentration of 30 micro grams per millilitre. This causes a significant shrink in the size of the disc, which decreases the pressure on nerves and thereby reduces pain. The President of the World Federation of Ozone Therapy (WFOT) has actively talked about how this therapy is a better option than surgery. This therapy is medically known as ozonucleolysis or ozone discectomy.

    Ozone Therapy For Spine: Side Effects

    In case you are worried about whether ozone therapy for the spine has any side effects associated with it or not, read further to clear all your myths. Ozone therapy is free from any side effects. The infusion of ozone gas is actively known to provide a solution to medical conditions without causing any side effects. It is a pain free diagnosis, unlike spinal surgery which causes a lot of hassle. This therapy even bridges the gap between any recovery days, since it does not affect one’s routine and daily activities.

    Thus, owing to the high success rate, growing popularity and lack of any risk factors, you must get diagnosed with ozone therapy for spine pain, spinal cord injury and spinal stenosis. This must be done after consulting your medical practitioner.

    Ozone-Therapy- For Spinal Pain

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