Tips For Choosing The Right Ozone Therapy Equipment

It goes without saying that the O3 ozone generator that you choose must be safe. Whether you are administering ozone therapy to animals or humans, safety should be a priority. The generator that you choose should have a reliable cooling or ventilation system. This will interrupt ozone production when sufficient cooling doesn’t happen.

You must also practice caution when you choose accessories required for an ozone generator for administering ozone treatment safely. Make sure that only ozone-resistant material comes in contact with ozone. Some materials that shouldn’t come in contact with ozone are plastics and metals. Ozone can break down some products, so you need to be extra careful when choosing ozone generators as well.

How does the ozone generator work?

With ozone therapy machines for home coming into the picture, it is now possible to use the ozone generator at home yourself. However, the pertinent question is how the generator work and if it’s easy to use. The answer is yes; it’s not rocket science.

You must choose a generator that doesn’t need you to determine the concentrations or flow rates of different ozone therapy administration methods. You can buy ozone generators that digitally provide the required information with a simple touch and slide of a button. It is better to buy a generator that turns on and off itself once the insufflations bag or the syringe is filled with the desired amount of ozone.

You can find ozone generators that need you only to hook up the oxygen tank followed by plugging in. Such ozone generators are very simple to use.

What are you treating with Ozone therapy home kit?

Based on what you are going to treat, you should choose the ozone therapy device. You need to ensure that the ozone generator that you buy should be adaptable to the ozone therapy you intend to perform.

For example, if you wish to treat an eye or ear infection, youwant to bubble fluids or oil with an ozone generator. Therefore, you would want the ozone generator to have an attachment or connectable system for bubblers.

Similarly, if you will be using the ozone generator for ozone therapy which needs the generator to be on for a good amount of time i.e., more than a few minutes, considering an ozone generator with a built-in timer is a must.

What are the types of ozone generators?

UV ozone generator

The ozone UV generators don’t cost you much. The generator works in a simple way. Air is blown over UV light to produce ozone. They don’t even need pure oxygen to operate. All they need is ambient air for operating. These generators can be a little time-consuming.

Corona discharge

The electric ozone generator is also known as a corona discharge generator, and they simulate lightning. When lightning gets exposed to the air in the atmosphere, an electrical charge will split the oxygen molecules into oxygen atoms. The oxygen atoms come back together soon and form clusters of three atoms, known as ozone, O3.

To produce pure ozone, you need pure oxygen. Corona discharge generators that make use of pure oxygen produced by oxygen tanks are effective in producing pure ozone for therapy. This is how the corona discharge generator works. Oxygen flows between two electrodes which is separated by a dielectric and come out as pure ozone.

Cold plasma

The cold plasma ozone generator functions with two neon tubes located side by side in a big chamber. An electrode located at the end of the chamber is electrified. It creates an electric field between the tubes when gas in neon tubes is ionized. When the oxygen passes via the chamber, ozone gas is produced.

The generator produces no heat, but the quality of ozone produced is the same as the corona discharge generator. They can be a bit expensive as compared to other types of generators.


The electrolytic ozone generators are used primarily for water treatment. They depend on oxygen present in the water for producing ozone. As these generators derive oxygen for ozone production from water, there is no heat and escaping of ozone into the air. They are not a very expensive type of ozone generator. However, this type of generator is only suitable for water treatment and not for ozone therapy.

What tips to follow for Ozone generator how to use?

  • You should never use the ozone therapy home generator before reading all instructions, cautions, procedures, and warnings that come with the kit.
  • You must diligently follow all the instructions and cautions that are mentioned in the product booklet.
  • You should avoid using the generator near water or in a moist environment.
  • Operate the equipment with the right electrical power mentioned on the leaflet or backside of the equipment.
  • Avoid operating the equipment with a damaged plug or cord. You should never try to modify the plug on your own.
  • You must never try to service the generator yourself. In case of any damage, you must take it to the experts.
  • Avoid putting any type of foreign object inside your equipment.
  • Avoid using the equipment in inflammable and explosive surroundings.

Based on the above-mentioned information, you can choose the right ozone generator kit for performing the therapy at home. Ozone therapy has emerged as an alternative form of therapy for treating various conditions in humans as well as animals. With the help of electronic ozone generator for home, you can perform the treatment from the convenience of home.

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