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What is 10 Pass Ozone Therapy?

10 Pass Ozone therapy is scientifically known as Lahody/ Rowen Modified High Dose Therapy. It was developed by Dr Johann Lahadony and Dr Arul. It is a scientific method under which a vacuum technique is used to get rid off 200 ml of a patient’s heparinized blood. Then, this extracted blood is mixed in a sterile glass bottle with ozone gas and subsequently infused back to the patients body hyper barically ( which mean under positive pressure). This is done to safely deliver ozone gas in the patients body. This method of infusion of ozone gas ensures that blood does not clot upon mixing with the gas inside the patients body. The same method has to be repeated 10 times within the same session. Thus, owing to the above stated procedure it is commonly known by the name of 10 Pass Ozone therapy.

Ozone Therapy
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    In order to perform ten pass ozone therapy, you need a highly specialized ozone generator. This therapy is performed in an out patient setting and each session takes between 60 to 90 minutes of your time. This therapy is used to treat a number of health conditions such as infections, inflammation, auto immune diseases, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple neurologic conditions including Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke, brain and spinal cord inflammation of various types to count upon a few. Additionally, ozone therapy is also used to treat Lyme disease, shingles, recurrent herpes simplex, influenza and pneumonia. 10 Pass Ozone therapy for Lyme and Herpes has been later discussed in detail in this article.

    Learn More About 10 Pass Ozone Therapy Cost And Benefits Associated With

    10 pass ozone therapy comes across as an effective alternative to conventional medical treatments as it is cost effective, time saving and carries a high success rate coupled with low to minimal risk rate. This therapy serves multiple benefits. Some of its outperforming benefits are: it helps in optimum utilization of ozone gas, it helps in quicker saturation of the ozone gas within the red blood cells (RBC’s), it provides higher concentration of Ozone in a comparatively short span and it also helps in deeper penetration of ozone gas into the cells. Alongside, it is believed that there is no vein complication or irritation after administering ozone gas through this technique. Thus, in order to administer ozone has through this method you must be consciously looking at the cost which is associated with this treatment. On an average, 10 Pass Ozone treatment costs between $400 to $1,000. This price range includes 10 passes in a single sitting or session. The price is slightly higher than the conventional ozone therapy as it requires specialized equipments and a higher concentration of ozone gas is utilized.

    What is 10 Pass IV Ozone Therapy?

    Now, let’s understand other facts related to 10 Pass IV Ozone therapy. 10 Pass IV Ozone therapy is a branch of the much celebrated ozone therapy. This therapy is used in addition to the conventional medical treatments. It helps to increase the effectiveness of the traditional treatment which is already in line. Simply speaking, 10 Pass IV Ozone therapy acts as a booster and accelerated the recovery process for cancer patients. This therapy is spread across a duration of 120 minutes. This treatment can be administered at a maximum frequency of 3 sessions per week. The therapy must go on for 4 weeks without any gap. The frequency of this therapy is to be catered to upon the advice of your medical practitioner. Apart from medical ailments, this therapy is also used to treat other disease processes, and symptoms. The price for 4 week IV Ozone Therapy Protocol can go up to $ 7000. However, comparatively cheaper options are also available.

    10 Pass Ozone Therapy For Herpes

    Now, let’s understand the possible effectiveness of 10 Pass Ozone therapy in the treatment of Lyme. It is caused by the bite of an infected black legged tick, more commonly known as the deer tick.Ozone therapy has shown high success rate in treatment of chronic diseases, particularly Lyme. Lyme is a multi systemic and multi symptomatic illness. It includes an immune dysregulation and mitochondrial dysfunction. At the later stage, patients experience elevated inflammatory cytokines. According to the American Regenerative Clinic, Ozone Therapy as it is an effective treatment for viral infections and diseases, particularly Lyme. 10 Pass Ozone therapy for Lyme aids the process of killing of bacteria, spirochetes, viruses and fungus. This helps in providing relief to patients from symptoms such as joint and muscle pain. This therapy also ensures that the current status of important electrolytes and other micro-nutrients is maintained in the patient’s body. This is done as 10 Pass Ozone therapy for Lyme works by selectively killing only the affected cells. This therapy also ensures a lower recovery time which leads to an increase in the routine productivity.

    This article has listed and explained what is 10 Pass Ozone therapy, its modus operandi ( which is the procedure involved in this treatment), the medical equipment required and how 10 Pass ozone treatment specifically helps in treating Herpes and Lyme. Thus, if you suffer from these ailments, 10 Pass Ozone therapy is the best available medical alternative.

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