What Is Ear Insufflation Ozone Therapy and Benefits

Ear Insufflation Ozone Therapy is considered a supported treatment for headaches, migraines, and other ear issues.

In this procedure, the ozone gas is blown into a body cavity which needs to be treated, here it is the ear. This treatment is getting a lot of attention from the masses as it is a form of drug-free treatment for headaches, migraines, ear, sinus, etc.

Ear insufflation is considered non-invasive, safe, and with quicker results. Severe migraines and headaches can be very disturbing conditions for patients reflecting directly on their everyday lives. In such conditions, ear insufflation comes as a savior which can help patients feel better in a short while of therapy.

In the ear insufflation process, application of small puffs of ozone is provided to the eardrum which results in rapid relief from headache or migraine conditions.

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    How Does Ear Insufflation Work?โ€‹

    In the ear insufflation ozone therapy, ozone is entered in the ear canal which then passes through the eardrum being semi-permeable.

    Once Ozone reaches the inside of the ear during this therapy, it oxidizes anything blooming there, e.g. Fungus, etc. Then ozone travels through the eyes, the brain oxidizing any harmful substances on the way.

    Ear insufflation therapy is supposed to work by blowing small, controlled, and targeted puffs of ozone into the ear canal. This in turn activates the pressure-activated nerve receptors which are available only in the ear and nowhere else in the body. So the targeted pressure on these nerves resets pain centers in the brain, thus relieving the sufferer from headaches, migraine, and sinus-related issues.

    Thus this treatment is considered very effective even for eye-related ailments as well as brain cancer.

    Ozone insufflation is an excellent treatment for the following health ailments :

    • Ear related health conditions
    • Ear infections
    • Hearing issues caused by candida
    • Flu
    • Bronchitis
    • Asthma
    • Brain-related disorders etc.
    • Sinus infections
    • Swollen glands

    For the setup for ear insufflation ozone therapy, an ozone stethoscope is used from where oxygen is fed into an ozone generator that helps convert oxygen into ozone. Ozone stethoscope is attached to this generator and ozone generated is fed to the stethoscope which in turn is attached to the patient’s ear for the treatment. The generator has an in-built ozone destructor that safely disposes of any excess ozone not required.

    What Are the Benefits of Ear Insufflation?โ€‹

    Everybody wants a drug-free treatment and also painless. Ear insufflation with ozone is one such solution to most prevalent health issues like headaches, migraines, sinus infections, fungal infections, ENT-related infections, etc. The ear insufflation procedure is quick, effective, and hassle-free. The main benefits of ear insufflation therapy are:

    • Drug-free treatment-so no after-effects of medicines
    • Short procedure
    • Rapid relief
    • Non-invasive

    The ozone used during ear insufflation improves oxygen efficiency, helps reduce any inflammation around the area, kills any pathogens found in the sinus and ear canal. It saves one from depending on over-the-counter instant and temporary pain relievers which obviously come with many side effects and health problems.

    Effects of Ear Insufflation?โ€‹

    Under ear insufflation procedure, medical grade ozone gas is introduced into the ear canal which helps in fighting ear infections, brain fog, sinus infections, and more. Ozone therapy has been prevalent over the ages for treating various health conditions.

    Ear insufflation ozone therapy is one of the safest and most effective treatments which provides relief with minor or no side effects mostly and encountering the following health ailments:

    • Fighting with pathogens present in the ear canal
    • Improves overall oxygenation and circulation
    • Improves sinus-related inflammation
    • Improves vertigo, tinnitus like conditions

    Ozone therapy in ear insufflation has been found to have cumulative effects. This small procedure often takes under ten minutes and  may require several repeated sessions as per the infection and condition.

    Ear insufflation may be used as a stand-alone treatment or combined with other treatments to support healing and recovery. This therapy is so easy that the patient can do it even at home with the advanced tools and equipment available these days. But this should only be done as per the advice and guidance of a health practitioner after reviewing the ailments and needs.

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