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What is Ozone Water Treatment Benefits & Disadvantages

Ozone therapy is one of the most popular forms of natural treatment used as an alternative medication. It is an effective and safe therapy that is used with or without the traditional forms of treatment. The ozone is administered in the body via different modes, one such way is the consumption of ozone water.

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    What Is Ozonated Water?

    Ozone water is drinking water that is purified via ozone based sterilizing process. Ozone is similar to oxygen, just that it has an additional molecule. When ozone gets dissolved in the water, it can help destroy cysts, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.

    Since ozone is a powerful sanitizing option, it is the primary choice in several applications. Ozone water is safe for consumption, and oxidation is a natural process that eliminates the need for chemicals. The ozonated water has been used across the globe for several years, and many industries rely on them significantly.

    Ozone has a neutral pH level of about 7.0, so ozone water treatment doesn’t change the pH system of water. It doesn’t affect water balance as it doesn’t contain calcium, alkalinity, or dissolved solids. Ozone also removed trace amounts of metals.

    When ozone dissolves in water, it is believed to have some therapeutic benefits, including antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

    Benefits Of Ozone Water

    Over the past decades, the benefits of ozone water have been studied and researched. Here’s a look at the ozonated water benefits:

    • Quicker Recovery From Chemotherapy

    Cancer treatment is quite complex, and popular therapies such as radiation and chemotherapy may or may not target the tumour effectively. Research shows that ozonated water can improve the effectiveness.

    • Dental Therapy

    Ozone is an excellent treatment option for dentistry; it effectively clears harmful bacteria from the mouth and promotes the healing of oral wounds. A study shows that ozone water consumption can decrease a bacterium found in teeth responsible for tooth decay. Yet another study shows that applying ozonated water to oral wounds can speed up healing as it increases cell turnover. The benefits of ozone therapy dental ozonated water are pretty evident. Some of the holistic dentist across the world are using ozonated water as the alternative to bleach and other anti-bacterial agents.

    • Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Properties

    Ozone is said to have antioxidant properties, meaning it has a free-radical forming substance. When your body gets exposed to ozone gas, it triggers a stress response, which stimulates the production of antioxidants that can help clear free radicals. A study shows using ozonated water and antibiotics to treat urinary tract infections.

    Ozone water was administered to the urinary tract three times a week. The patients recovered from UTI, and no instances of re-infection were found in a period of up to 4 months. Exposure to ozone water can make the cell repair process quick and reduces the bacteria as well as symptoms associated with UTI. Besides antioxidant properties, ozone water can increase microbe sensitivity to antibiotic treatment.

    • Improves Gut Health

    Ozone water can also help in improving the gut health. It promotes healthy gut bacteria and defends against pathogens and bacteria. It can also help with leaky gut syndrome enabling the healing process. It eliminates free radicals and fights against microbes which promotes healthy microbiota which sustain in oxygen- rich environment.

    Food Safety

    Ozone can destroy industrial impurities, making it an excellent chlorine substitute. It is to be known that Germany and France were the first to use ozone to purify their drinking water. In fact, in 1995, FDA listed ozone as safe as bottled water and coming in contact with food.

    Ozonated water can also be used to wash vegetables to reduce bacteria and enhance preservation.

    What are the Potential Dangers of Ozone Water Therapy?

    Ozone gas produces an inflammatory response which can cause damage to the airway when inhaled. Even short-term exposure to ozone gas can aggregate the respiratory responses in adults and children.

    For pregnant women and children it is recommended to consult physician before consuming ozone water.

    However, most of these are effects of the ozone gas and not ozonated water. At present, there are no studies that link low birth or respiratory symptoms to ozone water.

    Where To Buy Ozonated Water?

    The ozonated water can be bought from companies that sell ozonated water both offline and online. You need to ensure that the ozone water is of excellent quality and has good ozone content, and you should also check for the ozonation process used to infuse ozone in the water.

    The ozone water machine or the ozone generator for water used for producing ozone water can be bought and used at home as well.

    Ozone Therapy at Home

    One of the best things about ozone therapy is that it can also be performed at home, and you don’t need to step out and hustle to get the treatment done. Special ozone therapy kits and ozone therapy generator for water are ****available online, which can be bought for at-home therapy.

    The ozone therapy machine helps in producing medical-grade ozone water, which can be used for seeking therapeutic benefits. There are different methods for administering ozone in the human body, and ozone therapy accessories can be bought based on the type of treatments and the results you seek.

    You can buy these machines and equipment online from reputed sellers to ensure quality and expect positive results. You should never compromise on the quality of these accessories and perform your complete research before choosing a brand.


    Though ozone gas might have some associated risks, ozonated water offers therapeutic benefits. FDA considers ozone water to be safe when it comes to drinking or getting exposed to food. Though more research is required on the benefits of the ozone water for health, it can be considered safe for consumption and offers benefits for health.

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