What is Ozone Cupping and Problem it Solves

Medical Ozone Generator

Ozone therapy is gaining popularity as an unconventional mode of treatment for its effectiveness and ease of the procedure. Ozone is used to address a wide variety of health conditions including heart-related, wounds, inflammation, sinus issues and a lot more.

What is Ozone Cupping?

Ozone cupping or funnelling is a process wherein a smaller area of the skin is focussed and concentrated ozone treatment of the area is administered. This process can even help in the detoxification of the liver when funnelled onto the liver.

Cupping in general has been followed for a super long time for various treatments as a part of Chinese medicine and is found to be an effective cure.

Ozone cupping is slightly different from the conventional one. In conventional cupping, the idea is to pull the blood and toxins to the surface so the toxins can be expelled in the drainage pathways and the blood can be cleaned. While in ozone cupping, instead of pulling up or out on your body, ozone is being pushed into the body. Ozone cupping and limb bagging are believed to be a sure shot protocol for wound care.

In limb bagging, arms, legs etc are treated with ozone while during cupping, it is more effective for local application on the torso or face. This can be used although for ozone cupping on arms and legs as well for treating a smaller area.

Ozone Cupping Therapy

Ozone cupping can help combat backache, shoulder pain, insect bites, inflammation, Lymphatic stagnation, scars, stretch marks, tumours, acne, ulcers, wounds etc.

Procedure and equipment one will need for ozone cupping therapy:

1. Oxygen Tank:

Ozone Tank

Oxygen tanks are available with 99.99% pure industrial oxygen.

2. A Pediatric Regulator For Your Oxygen Tank:

The  regulator here helps setting the flow of oxygen during ozone therapy. It is necessary to follow the correct settings as mentioned on the ozone generator.

3. Medical-Grade Ozone Generator:

Take a reliable brand ozone generator for the procedure.

4. Glass Trap:

A glass trap is necessary when hooking any liquid to any part connected to the ozone generator to prevent the liquid from entering the generator.

5. Water humidifier:

A water humidifier is optional for ozone cupping but helpful if you have very sensitive skin. One may opt for this depending on what suits him/her. The humidifier helps add moisture to the ozone which smoothes it on your inner ears, sinuses, rectal, vaginal, skin etc.

6. Ozone Cupping Tool:

There are silicon ozone resistant cupping tools available as well glass ones. One may opt for any of them depending on the requirement.

7. Misc Ozone Tubing and Luer lock Connectors:

These small tools are of great help during the procedure.

Ozone cupping Procedure:

Settings recommendations:

Oxygen flow: max ⅛ LPM

Ozone concentration: 40-90 gamma

Duration and frequency: Minimum of 10 min, as many times per day as required.

Connect the oxygen output (from the tank or concentrator) with the oxygen inlet on the ozone generator with the tube. Take a separate tubing and attach one end to the ozone generator’s outlet and the other to the funnel or cup. Set the oxygen switch on, turn it at a low flow of 1/32 to ⅛ LPM, then turn the ozone generator on, and set the ozone concentration at 40-90 ug/ml. Clean the area to be treated with a warm and wet towel. Then position the cup on the top of the skin and let it stay in the same place for several minutes. Keep reapplying the wet towel to keep the area wet throughout the application.

A good protocol for infected wounds is 75-80 gamma for ten minutes thrice a day for 10 minutes each session. Once the infection heals, switch to 35-40 gamma for healing. Application of ozonated olive oil between the treatments is also helpful.

Medical-Grade Ozone Generator

Ozone generators are used for a wide variety of applications ranging from air purification, for making ozone water to that used for medical purposes. Medical grade generators use 99% pure oxygen to make ozone.

Medical-grade ozone generators are required to meet certain set standards:

  • 100% pure ozone gas output
  • Accurate dosages
  • Ease of application
  • Price/ Value

These days ozone generators are both compact and affordable, designed with the home user in mind. Buying a home-use ozone generator is a better choice for the ozone user who wants to make it a part of his daily routine. Many companies provide Ozone generators along with their home user kit. It is very easy to administer ozone at home with prior consultation with a health practitioner.

Ozone therapy is extremely safe when administered in the right manner. One should wear a mask to avoid breathing it. The best ozone treatments at home are rectal insufflation, ear insufflation, and ozonated water. It is easy to undergo ozone therapy once the equipment is home.

Ozone can also be used for patients fighting ailments like Lyme, cancer, celiac etc.

Ozone has got many benefits even for anti-ageing, for skin and hair, cognitive functions etc.

There are mainly two types of ozone therapies :

  1. Systemic Home Ozone therapy
  2. Local Home ozone therapy

In the local therapy, only a confined area is treated for a wound or infection while the systemic therapy includes treating the whole body like in Lyme, cancer, anti-ageing, autoimmune disease etc.

To summarize, ozone therapy works by stimulating the body toward self-regulation and healing. Ozone therapy helps the body to repair and heal instead of forcing a certain reaction in the body like most drugs act.

For more information on Ozone therapy and treatment, pls visit official website.

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