Blood Ozone Therapy

Blood Ozone Therapy: Usage, Efficacy, and More

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    What is Blood Ozone Therapy?

    Ozone therapy is the process of dispensing ozone gas into the human body to treat wounds and fight diseases. Ozone Blood Therapy is the process where a medical professional takes some of your blood, enhances it with ozone/oxygen mixture, and then ploughs back the blood back into the body. When Ozone is distributed via the bloodstream, it allows the body to use the oxygen to its full potential. Ozone constitutes three atoms of oxygen. When medical grade oxygen comes in contact with fluids of the body like, blood, it oxygenates.

    Oxygen is the primary source of human existence. Human beings can starve yet survive, but breathing is an essential source of survival. The more oxygen the body receives, the better it functions. But on the contrary, inhaling ozone is actually harmful to the lungs and not advisable. Hence Ozone Blood Therapy is the safest medium of infusing oxygen in the body.

    When Ozone comes in contact with the blood, it ensures optimal functioning of the body’s natural mechanisms. It increases the body’s ability to efficiently use oxygen, leading to a surge in energy levels and better well being. Ozone Blood Therapy also improves the blood circulation and balances the immune system of the body. It also works as an anti-inflammatory treatment, thus considerably reducing pain.

    Ozone therapy can be divided categorically into two, Systemic Treatment and Local Treatment. Local treatment is primarily used for infections and to speed up the body’s healing process. Moreover, it is administered on a specific part like the hand, mouth, or vagina. It is typically used to heal wounds, ulcers, and cavities. Systemic treatments work as a catalyst to benefit the entire body by stimulating homeostasis. Homeostasis is the self-balancing mode of the body. Rectal insufflations and Ozone blood therapy are examples of systemic treatment. While rectal insufflations can be managed at home under proper medical supervision, training, and equipment, the Ozone blood therapy cannot be administered at home since it requires an IV.

    Ozone Blood IV Therapy is referred to as distributing oxygen into the bloodstream to stimulate the immune response and encourage healing. Similar to the other IV treatments, Blood Ozone IV therapy is administered intravenously. The treatment is usually offered in private health clinics.

    Research and development now suggest that blood ozone therapy may actually help treat Lyme disease. It helps in detoxifying the liver, inactive bacteria, and viruses, purifies blood cells and encourages blood circulation and cellular metabolism. Blood Ozone Therapy stimulates the production of new stem cells, while also activating the existing ones. This helps relieve muscular and joint pain symptoms that a patient might be experiencing. The ozone blood therapy may cost about $600 for ten sessions.

    Is Ozone Blood Therapy Safe?

    Blood Ozone therapy does not involve a long list of don’ts, and that is because it is not a drug. It does not force your body to perform any designated function; instead, it stimulates the system to encourage normal body functions and processes.

    However, there have been certain instances where the blood ozone therapy did not interact well with the patients. They complained of a burning sensation around the area where the needle was inserted. In fact, very few cases of strong reactions have been recorded.

    Blood Ozone Therapy may be able to clean blood in the body naturally. Blood Cleaning has the beneficial effect of neutralising pathogenic microbes. Blood Cleaning increases the oxygen supply in the body, further disrupting unhealthy body processes.

    Blood Ozone Therapy is quite efficient in making your blood the oxygen superhero. We are aware that when we ingest food or medication, by the time it reaches our blood stream, it reduces its potency. However, when the same medication or nutrient is injected into our body, it enters our bloodstream faster and in full efficacy. Hence, blood ozone therapy via IV is not only safe, but it also makes the bloodstream oxygen rich. An oxygen rich blood stream provides nutrients to all the parts of the body, boosting the immune function.

    Due to the number of atoms, the ozone gas is unpredictable and unstable. Ozone Blood Therapy via IV has not been widely practiced yet, because the safety protocol of this treatment has not been thoroughly evaluated and studied. Ozone dosage has to be closely monitored and administered. Due to the Ozone’s toxic nature while inhalation, it can lead to irritation in the lungs and fluid build-up, nausea, vomiting, coughing, or headaches.

    Benefits of Blood Ozone Therapy

    The benefits associated with ozone therapy are manifold. Blood Ozone Therapy strengthens the immune system, reducing the inflammation in the body because inflammation creates an imbalance between the antioxidants and free radicals.

    Science shows that bacteria have learned to survive and resist antibiotics. Ozone therapy can control antibacterial infections at many levels and even provide the cure for a few infections, like, tick bites.

    Blood Ozone therapy has the ability to reverse brain tissue damage. When a person experiences a stroke, the brain is deprived of oxygen. As the oxygen supply is suppressed, that part of the brain gets damaged. The best way to reverse the effect is to supply the brain with oxygen, which happens with blood ozone therapy.

    Ozone Therapy also reduces the chances of repeated heart attacks in people who have already survived one. Arrhythmia is a condition that develops dead tissues due to lack of oxygen or irregular heart rate post a heart attack. This condition can be prevented if the patient has access to the therapy as soon as possible.

    Stem cells are the cells that aid working of the heart, brain, nerves and other parts of the body. They work at constantly providing and replenishing cells throughout the body. Blood ozone therapy has the ability to repair the broken cells better and quicker.

    People with anaemia have a very high risk of Hypoxia. Hypoxia is a condition where the tissues die when they do not have access to enough oxygen. Hypoxia can occur in the lungs, during an asthma attack, or the entire bloodstream. Ozone blood therapy can assist in targeting hypoxic tumours along with chemotherapy and radiotherapy because of its ability to provide oxygen. Hence the benefits of blood ozone therapy outweigh the risks associated with it.

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